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Getting Started

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This page summarizes the content of each step in process of preparing USAID environmental documentation. Jump to any step by clicking on the diagram or on the links in the table.

Setting out a complete list of proposed activities is the basic starting point of the Reg 216 process. Complex programs must be broken into their component activities.
A SUMMARY TABLE to list activities.

(The table is used throughout the documentation process.)
The purpose of Screening is to separate activities which, BY THEIR NATURE pose inherently low risks of environmental harm from those that pose moderate or high risks.
Guided questions that lead you through the screening process.

Resources to help you answer these questions.
The results of screening determine the environmental documentation required. Higher-risk activities require more detailed documentation.. Guidance to match your screening results to the environmental documentation required.

A summary of each type of documentation.

Downloadable forms.
Once the necessary documentation has been determined, it must be prepared.
Step-by-step instructions & resources for preparation of all basic types of environmental documentation.

An orientation to the Environmental Assessment (EIA) process.

A submission checklist.
Once documentation is prepared, it must be submitted.
An explanation of how environmental documentation is reviewed and who must approve it.

An explanation of the submission process.

A submission checklist.

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