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Step 4a: Prepare Documentation

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Purpose of this step
Aids Provided on this Page
Prepare the required environmental documentation
A summary of preparation steps is provided, with links to detailed preparation instructions.


In Step 3, you matched your screening results to the documentation required. Locate your situation in the table below & follow the indicated links.

You are. . .
Preparing the Categorical Exclusion Request & Compliance Facesheet
Preparing an IEE and a compliance facesheet Preparing an environmental status report
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  1. fill in the categorical exclusion request
  2. fill in the facesheet
  1. determine the basic type of IEE you will write
  2. assemble information
  3. conduct analysis
  4. consider recommended threshhold decisions
  5. finalize recommended threshhold decisions & mitigation and monitoring
  6. fill in the facesheet last
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