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Step 1: List Proposed Activities

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Purpose of this step
Aids Provided on this Page
List out all activities being planned. Understand the the location and specific nature of all components of the activity.
The information you gather should be organized in a summary table.

A sample summary table is provided.


In this step, you will begin filling out the summary table. This table will be used in each step of the Reg. 216 documentation process.

List ALL proposed activities in the first column of the summary table. In this column, you may also provide notes regarding location, number of sites, and scale of the activities (e.g., budget, Ha, square metres, number of beneficiaries) Important notes:


Activities are:
DESIRED ACCOMPLISHMENTS OR OUTPUTS (e.g.: a road, seedling production, or river diversion to irrigate land.).

Accomplishing an activity requires a set of actions (For example, access road rehabilitation involves survey, grading, culvert construction, compaction, etc. . .)

List activities, NOT actions. However, where actions are not obvious, note them. For example, a road project obviously involves the actions above--but it may also involve relocation of residents from the right-of-way.
Activities include:
  1. ACTIVITIES BEING MODIFIED that previously received Reg 216 clearance.
  2. ASSOCIATED activities related to the primary activity. For example, if you are constructing a small-scale irrigation scheme, are you building a road to support the scheme?
  3. all LIFE-OF-PROJECT (LOP) activities, even if some were begun long before submission of Reg. 216 documents

NOTE: you may adapt the format of the summary table as needed.

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