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Step 2: Screening

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Purpose of this step
Aids Provided on this Page
Screening separates activities which, BY THEIR GENERAL NATURE pose inherently low risks of environmental harm from those that pose moderate or high risks.
Guided questions lead you through the screening process.

Resource materials help you answer these questions.


For EACH activity you have listed in step 1, follow the decision tree below to obtain your screening result.

The questions must be answered according to Reg 216 definitions---NOT your intuition! If you are not familiar with how Regulation 216 categorizes activities, click on any question for help.

Enter the screening result for each activity on the SUMMARY TABLE begun in step 1.

For more information about screening, review a PowerPoint Presentation on this topic.

Click here to open the Exemption Summary Quick Reference Click here to go to the Categorical Exclusions Summary Click here to go to the Summary of Significant Impacts Quick Reference

If one or more of your activities are "high risk" (actions defined by Regulation 216 as normally having a signficant impact on the environment) consult the Mission Environmental Officer, Regional Environmental Officer, or Bureau Environmental Officer before proceeding further. Also, review the information in this tool regarding ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENTS.

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