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Step 4b: Prepare Documentation:
The Environmental Assessment

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Learn about the environmental assessment.
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In your IEE, you recommended a positive determination for one of more activities. This recommendation was approved by the BEO. As a result, you must commission an ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT (EA).* Only once the EA is reviewed and approved, can the activity go forward.

An "EA" is Reg. 216 terminology for a full environmental impact assessment study. In principle, the EA is an expanded, very detailed version of an IEE.

EAs are complex, and this tool cannot serve as a guide to their preparation and execution.

Pleae review the attached powerpoint presentation for a basic orientation to EA content and the EA process.

*Reg. 216 also permits an EA to be written without writing an IEE first, but we do not recommend this.) See Step 2, Screening for explanation.

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