USAID Reg. 216 Environmental Documentation Tool
Quick Reference

Summary of activities normally having significant adverse impacts on the environment

Regulation 216 lists the following as activities that typically have significant adverse impacts on the environment and therefore are likely to require an ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT (EA). An EA is the fullest form of environmental review.

  • Irrigation or water management including dams
  • Agricultural land leveling & Drainage
  • Large scale agricultural mechanization
  • New land development
  • Resettlement
  • Penetration road building or road improvement
  • Power plants
  • Industrial plants
  • Potable water and sewage, unless small scale
  • Activities jeopardizing endangered and threatened plant and animal species, biodiversity or critical habitat
  • Use or procurement of pesticides
  • Activities adversely affecting relatively un-degraded tropical forest

If you believe your activity falls into this category, confirm by checking the detailed definition, including the proper regulatory citation.

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