Environmental Guidelines for Small-Scale Activities in Africa 2nd Edition

About the Small-Scale Guidelines & the ENCAP Visual Field Guides
The Small-Scale Guidelines are Africa Bureau’s principal source of sector-specific environmental guidance. For each development sector addressed, the Guidelines brief the potential, typical adverse impacts for activities in this sector, provide environmental good practice guidance for sector program design, environmental mitigation and monitoring guidance, and an annotated bibliography of web-accessible resources.

The 1st edition of the Guidelines was published in 1996. For the 2nd edition, the Guidelines were completely updated and expanded. The current 2nd edition is a work in progress. Modules are updated and new modules added on a rolling basis. Check this page to be assured of using the most recent version.

The 2-page, photo-based ENCAP Visual Field Guides are a complement to the Small-Scale Guidelines. They are intended for use during field visits by USAID and Implementing Partner staff who are not environmental specialists. They are intended to ensure that the most common, serious environmental deficits in activity design and management are quickly and easily identified for corrective action.

NOTE: the Guidelines are advisory only. They are not official USAID regulatory guidance or policy. Following the practices and approaches outlined in the Guidelines does not assure compliance with USAID Environmental Procedures or host country environmental requirements.