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USAID Environmental Procedures & Integrating Environmental Considerations into the Implementation of Development Programs: A training workshop for USAID Staff Course Home Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 day4

Day 2: Field Skills for Impact Identification and Mitigation Design; Reg. 216

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Review of Day 1 & Orientation to Day 2    
Session 10 Word/PowerPoint PDF

Field Visit Instructions

See sample case site briefings in the course materials section of the “Course Home” page.
Field Visit 1: Baseline Assessment & Impact Characterization

Baseline situation assessment, identification of potential/ongoing impacts

Classroom follow-up I: Baseline, Impacts ID & Mitigation proposals

Evaluation of impacts observed in the field, design of mitigation measures
Session 11a Word/PowerPoint PDF

Intro to Reg 216

Reg. 216 (22 CFR 216) sets out USAIDís mandatory pre-implementation EIA process. Frequently, the process establishes environmental mitigation and monitoring conditions that must be implemented over life of project.

Session 11b Word/PowerPoint PDF
Reg 216 Screening Practice

Group exercise to screen hypothetical and field visit activities according to Reg. 216 criteria.



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