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USAID Environmental Procedures & Integrating Environmental Considerations into the Implementation of Development Programs: A training workshop for USAID Staff Course Home Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 day4

Day 3: Effective IEEs

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Review of Day 2 & Orientation to Day 3    
Session 12
Well-written, well-considered IEEs

Overview of the IEE; Exercise + discussion on what constitutes a well-considered, well-written IEE. Discussion of how the field notes & mitigation proposals from the field visit+ classroom follow-up could be developed into an IEE.
Session 13 Word/PowerPoint PDF

Field Visit 2: IEE Review

See sample case site briefings in the course materials section of the “Course Home” page.

Field visit

Field visit to evaluate the adequacy of a facilitator-provided “draft IEE” against the key elements and characteristics of an effective IEE.


Classroom Follow-up

Informed by their field observations, working groups critique the “draft IEE;” plenary discussion focuses on IEE implementation.

Session 14 Word/PowerPoint PDF

EMMPs and prerequisites for IEE implementation

EMMP Template

Special Topics Session

Determined by participant needs




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