Professional Development (PD) Fellowship Program

Since 2001, ENCAP has supported a Professional Development Fellowship Program for young African Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) professionals. The program is administered by the Southern African Institute for Environmental Assessment (SAIEA) and the East African ASsociation for Impact Assesment (EAAIA) under the umbrella of CLEAA (Capacity & Linkages for Environmental Assessment in Africa, a pan-African association of EIA associations and institutions). The fellowships build African capacity in EIA by:

  1. Providing practical EIA training and experience for promising young African professionals;
  2. Linking these individuals to national, regional, and international EIA professional networks; and
  3. Strengthening regional EIA networks in Africa.

Program fellows learn by doing, participating in a professional EIA team, applied training and/or appropriately tailored engagement for a period of 2 to 6 months to gain practical EIA experience in specialized fields of their own choosing. The fellowships cover travel, lodging, meals, and other associated expenses during this period.

2007-2009 SIDA PD Fellows
The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) has entered into an agreement with IUCN/EARO to fund 16 fellows in Eastern and Southern Africa over two years (8 per year). Up to eight PD opportunities will this time be awarded through competitive selection.


2007-2008 program
Capacity Development and Linkages for Environmental Assessment in Africa (CLEAA), with financial support from Swedish International development Agency (SIDA), is launching a fourth round of fellowships for promising environmental assessment professions from Eastern and Southern Africa. CLEAA works in partnership with various environmental assessment leaders nationally, regionally and globally, to promote and enhance Africa’s capacity in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), for better environmental governance and sustainable development.

The overall goal of the program is to enhance EIA capacity through learning-by-doing, and to strengthen professional environmental assessment networks in the regions. Eight PD fellowships will be awarded through a highly competitive process. The application is opened for six weeks and the deadline will be on the 9th November 2007.

Please visit and or contact Eva Kassara by email on for further information on the program, application guidelines and call for expression of interest for the host institutions.

Website Announcement – Application guidelines, criteria, and submission details.  (191 kb)
Host Institution Expression of Interest  (179 kb)

2006-2007 program
Via a grant to IUCN/EARO, ENCAP is funding 5 recipients of the 2007 PD Fellowship. Fellows have been selected and will be contacted and placed over the coming weeks. The program will again be administered by IUCN/EARO (host organization for the EAAIA) and SAIEA.

2004-2005 Program
Out of 81 applicants, seven fellows were chosen and participated in the second year of the program (2004-2005). These fellows were involved in projects in Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, and Zambia. One fellow was able to complete a diploma course on Environmental Management at Galillee College, Israel. Four fellows had the opportunity to attend and present at the 25th IAIA annual conference in Boston, USA.

Reports from the second year of the program can be found here:

  • Program 2004-2005 final report  (PDF, 522K)  (Word, 1.7M)
  • IAIA 2005 participation report  (PDF, 77K)  (Word, 91K)
  • Program evaluations by fellows  (PDF, )  (Word, )

Pilot Program (2001-2002)
Out of 47 applicants, eight fellows (pictured below) were selected to participate in the pilot program (2001-2002). The fellows worked on projects in Namibia, Kenya, Uganda, and South Africa. Six fellows attended the IAIA annual conference in 2002 at The Hague, Netherlands.

Reports from the pilot program can be found here:

  • Summary of the pilot program 2001-2002  (PDF, 30K)  (Word, 38K)
  • Final Report by the SAIEA fellows 2001-2002  (PDF, 108K)  (Word, 355K)
  • EIA prepared by fellows for the Cheetah Conservation Fund (PDF, 285K)  (Word, 403K)