Workshop on Life-of-Project Environmental Compliance and Environmentally Sound Design & Management

Pretoria, South Africa · 11-15 May 2009

A training workshop for USAID Staff

Hosted by USAID/South Africa
Co-sponsored by USAID/AFR/SD

Over 11–15 May 2009, a regional training workshop for USAID staff in “Life of Project Environmental Compliance and Environmentally Sound Design and Management” was conducted in Pretoria, South Africa. Forty- two participants attended, of whom 33 were USAID mission staff, representing 18 missions, including two in Asia region. The workshop was the latest in a series of Africa Regional Environmental trainings for USAID Staff.1

The workshops in this series are intended to:

  1. provide USAID mission staff, including MEOs, COTRs/AOTRs, Activity Managers, Team Leaders, M&E; Officers &PDOs;, with critical knowledge and skills necessary to comply with USAID’s environmental procedures and to integrate and operationalize Environmentally Sound Design and Management (ESDM) across the project lifecycle; and
  2. provide a forum for mission/BEO/REA exchange on current environmental compliance and ESDM issues, including Mission needs for technical assistance and backstopping.

To achieve these objectives, the workshop used a refined version of the “life of project”-focused agenda piloted at the previous workshop in the series (Bagamoyo, Tanzania, June 2008). Participant evaluations and the reflections of the training team indicate that workshop achieved its objectives.

The training program was developed by ENCAP in consultation with and with key contributions from the USAID facilitation team. Logistics support was provided by ENCAP and USAID/Southern Africa.

Workshop Materials

  • Agenda
  • Participants’ Sourcebook


  • Environment, Development and Environmentally Sound Design and Management
  • EIA: A framework for ESDM
  • USAID’s Environmental Procedures: The Big Picture
  • Field exercise: Transect Walk
  • Core EIA Skills: Characterizing the baseline situation, Identifying Environmental Impacts & Principles of Environmental Mitigation and Monitoring
  • Practicing Core EIA Skills & Getting Acquainted with the Small-Scale Guidelines: A Virtual Field Visit
  • Practice with Screening & Getting started with the on-line IEE Assistant
  • Pointers and Pitfalls: A guide to successful & effective IEEs
  • Implementing IEE/EA conditions
  • Session 14: EMMP Development – XYZ District Hospital Field Visit Photos
  • Resources for ESDM & Env. Compliance
  • USAID Environmental Compliance for the Bureau for Democracy, Conflict and Humanitarian Assistance (DCHA)
  • Download Zip files of the PowerPoint versions of the above presentations
    • Part I
    • Part II
    • Part III