Energy Sources for Development

Chapter Energy Sources for Small-Scale Development

Other Internet and Print Resources

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  • General resources
  • Biomass
  • Renewable
  • Micro-hydro

General Resources

    • Energy Information Administration (EIA) Country Analysis Briefs, Describes energy policy and resources for all nations. Includes links to country-specific Internet resources for energy.
    • Energy Information Administration (2001). International Energy Outlook 2001: World Energy Consumption. U.S. Department of Energy.
    • Henyon, Heather M. (1999). “Integrating Southern Africa: Efforts to Integrate Southern Africa’s Power Industries Have Yielded Some Success, But Major Barriers Remain.” Independent Energy 29 (1): 32 (6 pages).;=RN&from;=searchengine
    • Horen, C. van and G. Simmonds, (1998). “Energy Efficiency and Social Equity in South Africa: Seeking Convergence.” Energy Policy. 26 (11): 893 (12 pages).
    • Irurah, D. K. and D. Holm (1999). “Energy Impact Analysis of Building Construction as Applied to South Africa.” Construction Management and Economics. 17 (3): 363 (12 pages).
    • Kammen, D.M. (1995). “Cookstoves for the Developing World”. Scientific American 273 (72-75).
    • Kennedy, John L. (1997). “Sub-Saharan Africa Energy Future Brightening.” The Oil and Gas Journal. 95 (30): 31 (4 pages).;=95&i;=30
    • Lombard, C., E.H. Mathews, and M. Kleingeld. (1999). “Demand-Side Management Through Thermal Efficiency in South African Houses.” Sage Urban Studies Abstracts 27(4).
    • UNEP-GEO-Team (1999). Global Environmental Outlook: 2000. United Nations Environmental Program.


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  • FAO (2005). State of the World’s Forests 2005. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.
  • The International Energy Agency’s collaboration in Bioenergy Web page at The site provides extensive information and links to “accelerate the use of environmentally sound and cost-competitive bioenergy on a sustainable basis.”
  • Kartha, Sivan and Eric D. Larson (2000). Bioenergy Primer: Modernised Bioenergy for Sustainable Development. United Nations Development Programme.
  • Kgathi, D. L., D. O.Hall, A Hategeka, M.B.M. Sekwela, and Ad. Dankers (1998). “Biomass Energy Policy in Africa, Selected Case Studies.” Natural Resources Forum. 22 (4): 293.;=RN&from;=searchengine
  • Marcoux, A. (2000). “Part II: Population and deforestation.” Population and the Environment: A Review and Concepts for Population Programmes. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.