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Micro & Small Enterprises (MSEs)--General

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Resources and References

This section offers resources that BDS and credit organizations may find useful in developing their own context-specific guidelines for MSE activities. The best resources are likely to be found under "General Resources." These most often link to a variety of subsectors, and are likely to be kept updated by their operators. Only a few additional subsector-specific sites have been provided. Readers should note that cleaner production is also sometimes referred to as pollution prevention, waste minimization, and/or eco-efficiency.

What to do when an Internet link doesn't work anymore: Please note that Internet links are constantly changing. If the link given here does not function properly, try to find the resource by typing its name into a search engine such as Google ( that caches Web pages, frequently enabling searchers to locate documents or pages that have been moved or have been removed from the Internet. Alternately, visit the home page of the organization that created the document, and use their search engine to locate the document. For organizations that do not have search functions on their Internet sites, one can use advanced search features with most of the major search engines to conduct searches within single Web sites. As a last resort, of course, one can contact the appropriate organization to request a copy. (Contact information is usually one of the hyperlinks on an organization's home page.)

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