Chapter 9: Housing

Other Internet and Print Resources

NOTE: Listing of a resource does not constitute USAID endorsement or certification.

Resources and References

Two types of resources are provided in this section: those concerned with disaster prevention management, and those concerned with construction standards.

Disaster prevention and management.

Resources in this area are organizations and Web sites, rather than specific documents. The Web sites are intended as portals for accessing a wide variety of documents and technical resources.

  • Documentation of best practice in disaster reconstruction can be accessed via the Best Practices Database (http://www.bestpractices.org/), offered by the UN Commission on Human Settlements (UNCHS and the Together Foundation). Access to abstracts is free.


Technical guidance


  • Online technical guidance on appropriate and disaster-resistant housing is scarce. In English, Practical Action (formerly known as ITDG, http://www.itdg.org/) Publishing’s online “Development Bookshop” service (http://developmentbookshop.com/) serves as a single point of search (and ordering) for this and other technical, development-related subjects. (Note, however, that books ship by post.)