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Rural Roads


image of the cover of the Environmental Guidelines for Small-Scale Activities in Africa Chapter 14: Rural Roads

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Resources and References

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Keller, G., and James Sherar. Forthcoming. Low-Volume Roads Engineering: Best Management Practices and Field Guide. Washington, DC: USAID, USDA, and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. This report is expected to be published in 2003. Draft digital copy available at [DRAFT]

The guide also has an extended bibliography for readers in need of more depth or detail regarding specific issues and applications. In addition to the topics listed below, the extended bibliography offers references for hydrology for drainage crossing design; tools for hydraulic and road design including Manning's Formula, riprap, filters, and the use of geosynthetics; general considerations for drainage of low-volume roads; fords and low-water crossings; physical, vegetative and biotechnical methods of erosion control; and stabilization of gullies. The extended bibliography can be found at

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