Botswana Final Report

The Environmental Management Workshop for USAID Staff: MEOs, CTOs, SO Team Leaders, PDOs on USAID Environmental Procedures and Mainstreaming Environmental Considerations in Development Programs

Kasane, Botswana, 17-20 May 2005

This 4-day course was attended by 17 staff members, most from East and Southern Africa Missions. A second workshop is planned for West and Central Africa Missions for early 2006. Readers are invited to go to the Web site for the full set of materials used in the course and the complete set of workshop minutes. We believe the course materials on the Web site constitute a very useful reference for Mission Environmental Officers and Mission staff who are convinced that environmentally sound design and management (ESDM) and USAID environmental procedures need to be more fully integrated into the USAID program cycle to improve program and project design and the long-term success of USAID interventions.