LOW-VOLUME ROADS ENGINEERING Best Management Practices Field Guide Gordon Keller & James Sherar

Contents Download High Resolution Zip File Download Low Resolution PDF File Chapters — Cover  (2821K) (106K) — Foreword (1592K) (496K) 1. Introduction (3222K) (315K) 2. Environmental Analysis (10902K) (341K) 3. Planning Issues and Special Applications (9772K) (435K) 4. Low-Volume Roads Engineering (14834K) (528K) 5. Hydrology for Drainage Crossing Design (6178K) (259K) 6. Tools for Hydraulic […]

Tools and References

Click to jump to the desired section. USAID Environmental Procedures Training Manual USAID Environmental Guidelines for Small-Scale Activities in Africa Additional Sector Specific Resources IEE Assistant Mission Environmental Officer Resource Center Compliance Forms Africa IEE/Cat Exclusion Face sheet Annotated IEE Outline Annotated Categorical Exclusion Outline Environmental Review Form for sub-projects A Cooperating Sponsor’s Field Guide […]


About CLEAA The Capacity Development and Linkages for Environmental Assessment in Africa (CLEAA) is an indigenous regional network that promotes sustainable development in Africa through the use of Environmental Assessment and Management tools. CLEAA’s main mission is to promote the use of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) as key policy instruments […]

Professional Development (PD) Fellowship Program

Since 2001, ENCAP has supported a Professional Development Fellowship Program for young African Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) professionals. The program is administered by the Southern African Institute for Environmental Assessment (SAIEA) and the East African ASsociation for Impact Assesment (EAAIA) under the umbrella of CLEAA (Capacity & Linkages for Environmental Assessment in Africa, a pan-African association of […]

IPM, Safer Pesticide Use, Pesticides Compliance, and Food Standards

Program BackgroundSince March 2004, Land O’Lakes has been conducting its first Title II program in Zambia. The program focuses on building food security through dairy livestock activities that increase incomes and reduce food insecurity among vulnerable populations. The program targets smallholder farmers who are organized into producer groups through which technical support is provided in […]

Environmental Guidelines for Small-Scale Activities in Africa 2nd Edition

About the Small-Scale Guidelines & the ENCAP Visual Field Guides The Small-Scale Guidelines are Africa Bureau’s principal source of sector-specific environmental guidance. For each development sector addressed, the Guidelines brief the potential, typical adverse impacts for activities in this sector, provide environmental good practice guidance for sector program design, environmental mitigation and monitoring guidance, and an annotated […]


ENCAP Training Courses To date, ENCAP has developed or helped support the development of five courses for USAID and Partner staff, and a Fellowship Program in Environmental Assessment for young African environmental professionals. Summaries of each appear below. More information (including all course presentations and resource materials) are available by following the links in each […]

Workshop on Life-of-Project Environmental Compliance and Environmentally Sound Design & Management

Pretoria, South Africa · 11-15 May 2009 A training workshop for USAID Staff Hosted by USAID/South Africa Co-sponsored by USAID/AFR/SD Over 11–15 May 2009, a regional training workshop for USAID staff in “Life of Project Environmental Compliance and Environmentally Sound Design and Management” was conducted in Pretoria, South Africa. Forty- two participants attended, of whom 33 […]