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  • USAID Environmental Resources
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  • African environmental information
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USAID Environmental Resources
Environmental compliance sites for USAID’s other regional bureaus
  • Asia & Near East Bureau Environmental Website
  • Latin America Bureau Environmental Compliance website
  • Europe and Eurasia Bureau environmental compliance website
  • USAID Food for Peace
Agency-wide environmental compliance website
  • USAID Environmental compliance website
Environmental activities
  • Africa Bureau environment sector site
  • Agency-wide environmental website
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African environmental information
Environmental Information Systems–Sub Saharan Africa
A program sponsored by the World Bank and other donors, and administered by UNEP-Arendal, EIS-SSA stands for “Environmental Information Systems–Sub Saharan Africa.” The site contains a number of resources
“Knowledge-sharing for the Natural Resource Community”
A USAID program aimed at supporting knowledge sharing within the global Natural Resources Management community. The program host an interactive website designed to facilitate knowledge sharing through online discussions and the sharing of documents and other resources through an extensive online library.
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EIA Networking
Interational Association for Impact Assessment
An international professional association for EIA professionals. Listing of resources and training opportunities in EIA
Capacity Development and Linkages for Environmental Impact Assessment in Africa
CLEIAA is a regional African initiative of governments, donors and other partners, begun in 2001. The intent of CLEIAA is to “jump-start” the implementation of environmental impact assessment capacity development and linkage building in Africa.
The Southern African Institute for Environmental Assessment
SAIEA is a non-profit Environmental Trust, whose mission is to support sustainable development in Southern Africa through promoting the effective and efficient use of Environmental Assessment as a planning tool. The SAIEA site contains a number of resource documents
The Eastern Africa Association for Impact Assessment
The Eastern Africa Association for Impact Assessment (EAAIA) is establishing a database of environmental impact assessment (EIA) expertise and related issues in the Eastern Africa Region.