Motivating ESDM & EIA, LOP Compliance, & Key ESDM skills

Day 1: Motivating ESDM & EIA, LOP Compliance, & Key ESDM skills


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Descriptions and Instructions—All Sessions
Word/PowerPoint PDF
Download the “sourcebook skeleton file” for all module descriptions and exercises
Session 1 Word/PowerPoint PDF
Intro, overview, & expectations
Session 2 Word/PowerPoint PDF
What is Environment? and Why Environmentally Sound Design and Management (ESDM)?

Creates a common understanding of environment and motivates ESDM as a necessary and explicit objective for effective development.

Session 3 Word/PowerPoint PDF
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and ESDM

Introduces the EIA process and explains why EIA is the internationally accepted standard framework for achieving ESDM in project-based development.

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Session 4 Word/PowerPoint PDF
USAID’s Environmental Procedures: Overview

A brief, high-level overview of the key LOP environmental compliance requirements created by Reg. 216 and the ADS. Collectively, these EIA-based procedures are intended to assure that ESDM receives explicit and systematic attention over LOP.

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Session 5 Word/PowerPoint PDF
Simple Tools for Identifying Env. Impacts
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Session 6 Word/PowerPoint PDF
Principles of Mitigation & Monitoring
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Session 7
Exercise: Using the Small-Scale Guidelines (SSG)

Intro to this key ESDM resource. Small group exercise uses the SSG to assess proposed mitigation measures for an actual case.

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Session 8 Word/PowerPoint PDF
Transect Walk: Baseline characterization

Undertaken close to the venue to practice environmental baseline observation skills

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Transect Walk de-brief
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Session 9 Word/PowerPoint PDF

Critical information about environmental, social and economic context for effective field review and ESDM practice at the venue and in the host country. Briefings by invited experts (15 mins) are followed by Q&A;/managed discussion.

(No generic materials — experts prepare short briefings for  each course presentation)
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