Regional USAID Staff Training

Workshop Overview

This training course is a 4- or 5-day course for approximately 30-40 participants. The course provides USAID staff with an understanding of how to apply USAID environmental procedures and to integrate environmental considerations into development programs. The objectives of this training are to assist USAID staff to:

    1. Better understand and apply USAID Environmental Procedures (22 CFR 216, ADS 204), and documentation and review requirements
    2. Design and implement environmentally-sound activities to improve program and project sustainability
  1. Assess reasonably foreseeable environmental impacts and mitigate and monitor to minimize adverse impacts and design errors
  2. Review how USAID procedures are to be applied in the context of evolving host country policies and emerging private sector practice in environmental impact assessment (EIA) and environmentally sound design and management
  3. Consider answers to the questions:”How can environmentally sound design processes be strengthened within our Missions and the Agency?” and “What are some state-of-the-art approaches to mainstreaming environmental considerations into USAID regional and bilateral programs?”
  4. Discuss capacity building needs, options and approaches Review new approaches to knowledge management and their potential application to Agency and Mission responsibilities to promote environmentally sound design

The course emphasizes learning-by-doing. If time allows, the course includes one or more site visits in the field to enable participants to practice new environmental review skills.

MEO Workshops:

Lake Naivasha, Kenya 2011
Kasane, Botswana ~ May 16th- 20th, 2005
Ghana 2007
Tanzania 2008
Pretoria, South Africa 2009
Lake Naivasha, Kenya 2011