Day 3

Day 3 Theme: Coping with Challenging ESD Issues
(Reg. 216 Focus)
Module 10B: EIA Exercises — Site Visit
No documentation currently online.
Module 10C: EIA Exercises — Site Visit Report Out & Comments

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Module 11A: Program/Activity Cycle Integration and Mainstreaming

Overhead Presentations:
  • ADS 201 — Planning & Achieving
  • ADS 204 — Environmental Procedures
  • Environmental Mainstreaming in USAID Programs [Forthcoming]
  • Context of ANE’s Implementation of 22 CFR 216 (Optional)
  • Regional Quality Environmental Management Support (QEMS)
  • Basic USAID Procedures (Module 4)
Supporting Materials:
  • Environmental Review Form (ERF) for USAID/Africa Bureau [revised]
  • ADS Chapters
  • ADS 202: Using the EIA Process
  • Illustrative MEO Work Objectives & Elements
  • USAID/Ethiopia FY 2001 Environmental Compliance Status and Plans
  • FY 2005 Statutory Checklist [click icon for cached version]
  • FY 2003 USAID Annual Report Guidance — Environmental Compliance
  • Sample Criteria for Evaluating Environmental Elements of Proposals (Generic)
  • Sample Criteria for Evaluating Environmental Elements of Proposals (Uganda/APEP)
  • Incorporating Environmental Considerations into Assistance and Acquisitions Instruments
  • Sample Mission Order: USAID/Zambia
  • USAID Environmental Procedures Flowchart
  • Public-Private Partnerships & Alliances, Financial Intermediation & Environment
  • Activity Manager Roadmap
  • Proposed Regional Environmental Quality, Management and Services Support Mechanism (Jan 2004)
  • Recommended Mission Environmental Officer (MEO) Appointment Memorandum
  • Review Questions: ADS and Project Cycle Integration
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