Welcome to the MEO Resource Center

The MEO Resource Center is a single point of access to a wide range of environmental compliance, best practice, and related references for MEOs. It was created as a companion to the MEO Handbook. Together, the Resource Center and the Handbook are intended to provide USAID Mission Environmental Officers (MEOs) in Africa with the guidance and the resources they need to be as effective as possible in helping their Missions attain and maintain full compliance with USAID’s Environmental Procedures and to mainstream environmentally sound design and management (ESDM).

Some of these files are located in the Environment Officer’s SharePoint site and require user authorization. Contact your REA or BEO for access to the site or for a copy of the document.


  • Basic Concepts and Knowledge – Basic information about ESDM, the EIA process, and USAID’s Environmental Procedures.


    • Orientation to USAID Environmental Procedures
      • MEO Handbook
      • Chapters 1-3 of the Environmental Procedures Training Manual (EPTM)
      • IEE Assistant
    • The EIA Process
      • Presentation: “EIA Basic Concepts”
      • ENCAP’s EIA Topic Briefing
    • Environmentally Sound Design & Management
      • Presentation: “Introduction to Environmentally Sound Design and Management”
      • “Environmentally Sound Design” (from the Environmental Guidelines for Small-Scale Activities in Africa)


  • Reg 216 Documentation Development – Step-by-step guidance, recommended language, and forms and templates for Reg 216 documentation. (RCE, IEE & PERSUAP Development)
  • Mission Processes and MEO Responsibility – Resources for Environmental Procedures Best Practice Reviews, Sample MEO appointment memos, SOWs and Mission Enviironmental Orders
  • Mitigation and Monitoring – Principles of Mitigation and Monitoring, EMMP template and guidance, and tools for Mission monitoring of partner implementation of IEE/EA conditions & best practices.
  • Training & Contacts – BEO, REA, and MEO names and contact information, Agendas, and full course materials for ENCAP training courses.



  • Laws, Regulations, & Policies – Reg 216, ADS chapters and excerpts relevant to environmental compliance, MYAP Environmental Compliance Guidance, etc.
  • Special Compliance Topics – Guidance and factsheets on umbrella IEEs, EAs, Pesticides procedures, GDA & DCA compliance, and more.
  • Sectoral Guidance– Environmental Best Practices, Impacts Characterization, and design of Mitigation and Monitoring Measures for typical sectoral activities.